Thursday, 5 September 2013

Just for a close friend.

So my close friend asked me too share his story. He wanted other people to know about how hard it was coming to terms with his sexuality but how comfortable and happy he is now. He has just recently started writing little stories to get people to understand his life. He is part of the LGBT regime and he has met of people who understand him. I will put his story on this post and will link the titles so you can go onto his tumblr! So, enjoy everyone!

My Homosexual Story

Hi guys i thought as im a wuss and i dont want to make a video i would tell you on here

It all started when i was about 10 years old
I had stumbled upon gay men kissing on the internet and i had a strange feeling in my stomach like nothing i had ever felt before i didnt know what exactly it was but i liked it

Of course i didnt tell anyone at the time as i was extremely self-conscious of what people might say as it was a abnormal thing to like, everybody liked the opposite sex and i didn’t know who to tell
I blocked it out for a very long time, it was hard, very very hard 
Fast forward to Year 7 and I was just starting secondary school and it was such an exciting time meeting new people but as the most un-socialite person i was i made the worst first impression and got listed in the Outcast category
This is when puberty started to creep up on me, all these emotions and hormones made me spiral out of control and this was the first time i every discovered about liking boys instead of girls but yet i still tried to block it out 
Fast forward to Year 8 and i got my first girlfriend and she was sweet or so i thought (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) I thought to myself maybe i could confidently say i was straight but i just couldn’t understand it but i couldn’t get those feeling away
By the start of Year 9 My girlfriend broke up with me because she said she was moving then she decided to go out with my friend surprisingly enough (Sly Bitch) anyway’s, this is when i met my best friend to this day Lizzy and we had so much in common (like unbelievably so much) then i decided to try to ask her out but she knew it wouldnt work out so she said no so i was just like “OK” and i moved on 
Eventually when my ex moved i was getting more and more comfortable talking to Lizzy so i told her that i thought i had feeling for boys and she reacted as if it didnt matter and i loved it 
She had supported me throughout everything
Fast forward to Year 10 
It was almost the start of Year 10 and i was so vunerable it was unbelievable (and yes ive said that word alot) anyway i was getting a bit more comfotable so i told someone who i knew was gay and he tried to play matchmaker with my now Ex- Boyfriend anyway we said no,no,no it wouldnt work but surprisingly enough we hit it off pretty well and we eventually started dating and it was on the day that we kissed that i came out to my mum
When i got home i was shaking too much for comfort and i had just enought courage to tell my mum i was gay and she took it better than i thought she would, then she told my nan and it got spread all around the family and everyone is ever so happy about it and i mean there has to be at least one gay in the family right?
and that brings us to Today
I’m currently just started Year 11, and am a buzzing socialite, i have a amazing best friend and a good life (and did i mention i’m single)
Thanks for Reading 
Bye Guys and Gals!

My Perfect Relationship Start

Hi guys first post of tumblr in a while because i thought why the hell not and i have some thoughts on my mind

Anyway i wanted to share My thoughts of my perfect relationship start
Here it is

I was at school one day and a guy walked into the area that me and my friends usually hang around, i being the socialite decided to go and say hello (plus i thought he was kind of cute) he said hello back and also said “I’m new to this school” and i said “Well why don’t you hang around with us for a bit plus i can give you a bit of a tour of the school” “Sure Thanks” he said “My names Ashley” I said He replied with “I’m Joel”, Anyway i introduced him to my friends I said “This is Samantha, Jon and Dan” (Not Real Names of my Friends) They all said Hello to each other and got introduced to each other.
Then suddenly i don’t know what came over me i could feel my stomach getting lighter, could it be possible it was, I was falling for Joel there was a certain quirkiness to him i couldn’t imagine why this was happening
I needed time to think, to contemplate
At this time it was time for lessons, i strolled to science but before i could leave Joel asked “Where is E3” I then sprung to attention and said “That’s where I’m going, I’ll take you there” He then said “Great!” with an eagerness in his tone
When we got into English we were assigned new seats, i luckily enough was sat next to Joel and I’m my mind i was ecstatic, i never felt this way before about anyone, he was surprisingly jokey we kept poking each other allot, i thought romance was in the air
Skip to the end of the day and it flew by so fast
He had to walk home (his mum couldn’t pick him up) anyway I asked him where he lived he said where he lived and i said “That’s basically where i live” (I thought to my self “This is ridiculous it’s like fate was designed to bring us together”) We were walking to his house and on the way we decided to have a chat I started the convo with “What school did you used to go to” “St Edward’s” he said, I replied with “Why did you change” He first said “Can i ask you something” “Sure” i said “Are you homophobic” “No not at all” I replied “Well i was getting seriously bullied at my old school for being gay the name St Edwards doesnt mean anything its full of degenerates and homophobes” I Replied with “I know how you feel” “Why” he replied “Because i’m gay aswell”, We stopped and he cried in my arms and i cried in his
The walk was cut short by him going home 
I went home contemplating what happened i was filled with joy and sorrow i didnt know what to do with my self 
That was one of the slowest nights i ever endured 
Cut to the next day i was walking to school, luckily enough i didnt see him or so i thought, he was right in front of me, i tried to hide to escape the embarrassment but it was too late he already saw me
I ran 
I ran as fast as i could past him when i got to school i found a quiet area and caught my breath
I came into school and started lessons, 2 of the slowest lessons in my life mainly thinking of what joel was going to say
I was dreading the moment i next saw him 
It was break time and i saw him i tried to hide but there was no escape 
I thought “Fuck it!” “I might as well get it over with” 
I went up to him and said in a tiny voice “Hi” he replied with the same answer “About last night” He cut me off with a “Ssh” “It’s OK there is nothing to be embarrassed about” With relief i said “Good” and somehow with some unexplainable reason there was a moment where out eyes met then it happened WE KISSED, In front of everybody, I was into sheer bliss and contempt with my heart beating at 1000mph i was shaking, shivering and bursting with joy and that’s my perfect relationship start
Thanks for Reading Hope you Enjoy

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